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I decided that it was about time I started a YouTube Channel. Why on earth would you want to do that? I hear you ask. Well, because I really just want to give vlogging a go, I think it would be a great way to develop my blog and I’m sure I can improve and put a bit more effort into taking videos. I mean, I can at least hold the camera up the right way!

I’ve looked back at previous videos I’ve taken and I now realise (yes I’m a bit slow on the uptake) that all my amateur attempts are linked to my YouTube channel. You know what it’s like, it starts raining, you grab your phone, take a video, 2 minutes later you’ve shared it and there it is in all its glory on Youtube. So, I’ve decided to develop my YouTube Channel and have something on there that I can be more proud of and where I can keep all my memories.

I’ve started by editing an old rain video. I wanted to get some practice in and to be quite honest, it doesn’t rain here very often so I don’t know when I’ll get the opportunity to film anything again. Have a look at the videos so you can see what it could be like if you decide to come to Abu Dhabi. Check the videos out here – ‘Hail and Rain in Abu Dhabi‘ and the old version can be found here.

Please like, follow and subscribe and let me know if you have any questions about teaching in Abu Dhabi that I can try and answer for you.


What a ‘Shocking’ Year!

You know when people say it gets better as the years go on.  Well they're lying!

I've been in the UAE for nearly 3 1/2 years now and although life should be getting easier, I'm finding it's not.

In hindsight, I might be going through a bit of culture shock! Culture shock

Really? I hear you ask.  Why now? Well, I realise that:

  • It's been a whirlwind since I came and I've not had time to stop and think – what with family joining me, visiting different places, visit from my mum and son, going home during the summer…
  • I've tried to immerse myself in the culture – learning the language, visiting different places, getting to know the people – this helped but I've not had much time this year to do much of this nice stuff.
  • I've taken on too much this year and I'm finding it difficult to keep up with everything.  Of course it's the things that help me to relax that suffer – like worship, blogging and sewing.  I then question everything and need to know why I'm doing certain things: Will it make a difference?  Can I do it another way?  Do I need to do it at all?

Now, don't get me wrong!  I enjoy and love being here.  The school I am at in Al Ain is great and I am lucky to be there.  The kids are wonderful, teachers are very hard working, they have the students' best interest at heart and we strive for excellence.

However, it's been a hard year and as I said before, I think I've had delayed culture shock.  I'm not sure which stage I'm in but I'm praying that I'll just get over it in time for the start of the school year.

Please keep me on your mind and if you've been through anything similar and can think of any tips to help me, then please add a comment.

Oh, How I Hate Insects!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has a bit of a phobia with insects, or for that matter, any creature with more than 2 legs.  When I arrived in the UAE I remember having quite a few little visitors in my apartment and as I was on my own I had to pluck up the courage to tackle any that appeared.  Not long after arriving I decided to move and in my new apartment the problem wasn’t so bad.  Made better by the arrival of my husband, who I got to dispose of any little creatures that turned up.

Lately, we’ve had a bit of another pest problem.  At about 5.30 pm each evening a swarm of termites fly out of a teeny weeny little pin hole in the skirting board and take over my daughter’s bedroom.  You can imagine that she is not best pleased.  This had gone on for a few days and finally I had to do something.

I tried contacting the free pest control number (993).  I had called them out before but this time the number that I tried didn’t seem to work and I was given a bit of a run around.  I was really pleased when the maintenance team in our complex organised it all for me and not long after the terminators arrived.

I am all for natural ways of doing things but this time I just needed the job to get done, as to be quite honest we had a similar problem the year before.  The pest control team drilled holes in the floor nearest the door, pumped chemicals into the ground and then filled the holes.  The end result didn’t look great but after a couple of days of swarms of termites trying to escape the chemicals, it calmed down.  We have not had any for a while and I pray that it has stopped, they have moved out and set up home somewhere else.

After the full on chemical deluge, I did go natural and make an ant spray (yes we have those too) out of Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Cayenne Pepper (I actually used paprika).  The house smelt lovely and the spray worked really effectively.  Why don’t you give it a try.  I got the recipe from Chipps Tips.

Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai

Unfortunately, we do not get out as much as we’d like but today we decided that we needed the break and that we would do something.  So, we visited the Al Qudra lakes in Dubai.  We eventually found them but because the signs were a little confusing it took us a while and we had to ask for directions.

Al Qudra is made up of lots of manmade lakes all linked together just waiting to be explored.  It can be very easy to get lost and if not prepared you could end up driving around in circles trying to find what you’re looking for (in our case flamingoes) and it could take you a while to find your way out.

Top Tip: In Google Maps use satellite as this shows you exactly where you are and can be useful to navigate out.  There are also lots of workers around and one of them was very helpful and set up the satellite map for us.



Etihad Check-in Process @Al Ain Airport

Well, here we are at Al Ain International Airport.  As mentioned, we are trying the check in service that they started about 2 years ago. 

We had to go through the security check, make our way to the check in desk with our luggage and passports (just as you would with any other check in). There were only a couple of people there and although they had a lot of luggage it was still quick and easy to do. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  We have our boarding passes and have one less thing to worry about when we get to Abu Dhabi Airport tomorrow.


At the moment we are on the Etihad Free Coach that takes you directly to Abu Dhabi Airport. Yippee!

We arrived safely at Abu Dhabi Airport, as you’d expect, went through the egate with hardly any problems and are now waiting for our plane to start boarding. We have an hour or so’s wait.

Etihad City Check-in

I am getting ready to fly home to the UK for a well deserved break!  It’s been 2 years since I went home and I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and friends.   Last year my husband and daughter had just arrived in the UAE, my mum and son came to visit us in the December of that year so we decided to stay put, save money and spend time just exploring.  This year we’re going home and I can’t wait!

We leave on the 12th July. We are flying Etihad so decided to book onto their luxury coach to Abu Dhabi Airport. We were wondering whether to go up a day early and stay in a hotel but in the end the coach times didn’t work out very well.

The lovely Etihad Emirate lady suggested that we book our luggage in 24 hours beforehand at Al Ain Airport instead of having to leave really early to get to Abu Dhabi in time to get everything done, so we will try that out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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