Etihad Check-in Process @Al Ain Airport

Well, here we are at Al Ain International Airport.  As mentioned, we are trying the check in service that they started about 2 years ago. 

We had to go through the security check, make our way to the check in desk with our luggage and passports (just as you would with any other check in). There were only a couple of people there and although they had a lot of luggage it was still quick and easy to do. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  We have our boarding passes and have one less thing to worry about when we get to Abu Dhabi Airport tomorrow. 


At the moment we are on the Etihad Free Coach that takes you directly to Abu Dhabi Airport. Yippee! 

We arrived safely at Abu Dhabi Airport, as you’d expect, went through the egate with hardly any problems and are now waiting for our plane to start boarding. We have an hour or so’s wait. 

Etihad City Check-in

I am getting ready to fly home to the UK for a well deserved break!  It’s been 2 years since I went home and I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and friends.   Last year my husband and daughter had just arrived in the UAE, my mum and son came to visit us in the December of that year so we decided to stay put, save money and spend time just exploring.  This year we’re going home and I can’t wait!

We leave on the 12th July. We are flying Etihad so decided to book onto their luxury coach to Abu Dhabi Airport. We were wondering whether to go up a day early and stay in a hotel but in the end the coach times didn’t work out very well.

The lovely Etihad Emirate lady suggested that we book our luggage in 24 hours beforehand at Al Ain Airport instead of having to leave really early to get to Abu Dhabi in time to get everything done, so we will try that out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Language Course – ZHIC

My husband and I have now started learning Arabic at the Zayed House Islamic Centre (ZHIC) in Al Ain.

We are enjoying it although it can be very intense and we have already found that it is not for everyone.  The first course concimageentrated on learning the Arabic Alphabet and how to sound the letters out and blend them.  Because I practiced beforehand I found that I could keep up, however, this is not the same for everyone.

These courses ran for about 4/5 weeks with two sessions a week.  There was no break in between which, we found hard as we needed to consolidate.  In the end, because we ended up missing some of the classes we have had to repeat.

If you think, yes, I want to do this but I have no car.  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that not only do they offer to transport you to and from the centre but they also have a gym and a garden that you can use.  All for free!

Hailstones in Al Ain

What a day! I know they’ve had hailstones in Abu Dhabi before but I’m not sure about Al Ain. (Update: I found out that about 3 years ago there was hail as big as golf balls!)

I really had to share these pictures of the experience. No school for two days and my Arabic class has been cancelled too. Everyone please stay safe. Travelling mercies if you’re out and about.

News: The National



It’s Raining…!

Before I came to the UAE I used to hear that when it rained the schools closed, just like back in the UK when it snows badly we have a snow day.

Well, I’ve been here over two years, looking forward to having days off but it never happened.  It rained (quite a lot, I thought) but admittedly, never to the extreme that there was a problem getting to school.

I now know what they mean by a ‘Rain Day’.  Extreme flooding by rain over a short period of time.  Take a look…

Dubai Traveler’s Festival

I’ve been told about a ‘gathering of international travelers and explorers of all ages, who have journeyed across the world by a myriad of means but all driven by the spirit of passion and adventure.

The festival has been held annually since 2012 and this year it is from December 16 to 19, 2015 at Mushrif Park, Dubai, starting at 4 pm.

If you’re adventurous why not check them out at:



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